Location: San Antonio, Texas
Size: 97 acres

Located just 10 miles from downtown San Antonio, this 97 acre greenfield site is situated in a prime suburban infill location. It is positioned near major arterials and just beyond the extent of the city’s urban grid which lends itself well to be utilized for efficient and sustainable development.

Respecting the city’s intent as the first Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) to be realized in San Antonio, the project prioritizes the creation of a compact, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use community that is centered around a high-quality transit system. This community makes it possible to live without the complete dependence on a vehicle for mobility and survival, resulting in a higher quality of life.

The Master Plan shows the village being circumscribed by six character districts, each with its own distinct attractiveness. While the Architectural Vision for each district does not assume or prescribe any particular architectural style, it does intend to reflect the richness of San Antonio’s climate and unique sense-of-place. Each building should contribute to the larger vision of the community and should demonstrate a spirit of progressive creativity, cultural connectivity, and ecologic sustainability.

Through a series of strategies and diagrams, this set of drawings will serve as the framework from which all growth shall be defined and nurtured. The documents will ensure that the original intent of the community is maintained throughout its construction, thereby stabilizing the historical integrity and functional continuity of the new community.

Great effort was placed on establishing an effective and comfortable pedestrian network throughout the project. Every street within the development was designed to not only allow, but to encourage increased pedestrian activity. Pedestrian facilities promote non-vehicular modes of transportation which supports active and healthy lifestyles.

The pedestrian network features a robust town square that will be the central location for events, recreation space, farmers market, etc. The new transit center, which is at the heart of the Transit Oriented Development, is strategically located near the town center providing transit riders direct access to all the amenities that the community has to offer.