Urban Design is the study and application of scale – a holistic exploration of the relationship between buildings, streets, and landscapes. Our interdisciplinary team has experience investigating the various components that inform compelling urban design and proper placemaking.

Gathering community input from those potentially affected by a project is the foundation of our creative process. We have vast experience in expertly orchestrating various engagement types including focus groups, workshops, and large-scale charrettes. Through these actions, we invite the public and/or key stakeholders to directly collaborate with our designers and planners on generating concepts and strategies that address a myriad of challenges and opportunities for community enhancement. This collaborative process builds dialogue and consensus to propel projects forward.

Our Planning Experience

  • Neighborhood / Town Planning
  • Urban Design / City Planning
  • Community Collaboration & Public Engagement
  • Streetscape Design
  • Campus Planning (K-12 and Higher Ed)
  • Site Selection / Feasibility Studies
  • Urban Research & Analysis
  • Architectural Standards / Design Guidelines

At ACSW, every project is designed to establish a sense of place and promote social interaction through enhanced pedestrian activity.


Our approach to architecture is rooted in being environmentally responsible, highly functional, and responsive to the human scale. This results in projects that are precisely tailored to the needs of the client while fitting within the context of the site and greater region. This approach is expressed in our everyday processes and attitude. It is closely related and intertwined with our values which guide the relationships, the experiences, the services, and the finished product.

Some of our clients engage us to help them refine and/or even define their own viewpoint. This, in turn, assists them in narrowing their field of opportunities into a single clear focus. A design goal is extremely important for the architect and client to discover, setting a positive direction for the design and the overall development of a project.

Regardless of a project’s size or budget, we strive for a clear understanding of what influences our clients. With the client as our guide, these influences can evolve into simple, contextually responsible designs, elegantly executed.

Our Architecture Experience

  • Cultural/Civic
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Interiors
  • Planning
  • Commercial/Financial
  • Energy/Industrial
  • Religious

ACSW is focused on our clients. Most clients have very specific needs; therefore, we must be experts in very specific areas. Your business, your issues, and your goals are integral to the project. In order to know your project, we have to know you.


With the varied use of materiality, light, and color, ACSW creates interior experiences that cater to the function and aesthetics of our clients both physically and psychologically. Each design is achieved with a customized approach and a thoughtful connection from interior to exterior. Our ultimate goal is to promote the success of our clients through these spaces and create positive environments.

Our Interior Architecture Experience

  • Interior Design
  • Interior Renovations
  • Wellness Adaptations
  • Security Assessments
  • Accessibility Retrofits
  • Space Feasibility and Utilization Studies
  • FFE – Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment Design and Selection
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation

At ACSW, we design engaging, productive, and inspiring spaces that help our clients perform at their highest level while uniquely expressing their unique culture.

Project Management

As the owner/developer of several buildings ourselves, we truly understand the Client’s perspective. This process has given us valuable insights to our clients’ difficulties when undertaking the task of running an existing business while simultaneously developing a new project. From that experience came our Project Management offering.

Our Project Management expertise is designed to allow owners to continue concentrating on what they are great at every day, like running a business and allow US to offer assistance with the tasks that owners are required to provide and organize during the construction of a project. From project administrative assistance to generating the Owner’s program of spaces and schedule/budget development, ACSW can do it all. 

Our Project Management Experience

  • Project Administrative Assistance
  • Monthly Draw Requests
  • Project Budget / Schedule Development
  • Owner Provided Program Development
  • Owner Provided Consultant/Vendor Assistance (Survey, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering)
  • Fire Marshal/Local Municipality Negotiation Assistance & Coordination
  • Basic Relocation Coordination
  • Assistance with a myriad of other items that the owner is responsible for

The list of owner responsibilities during construction is long, tedious, and time consuming. If ACSW can take some of that load off of you, we would happily help you continue to be great at what you do.

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