Location: Covington, Louisiana
Size: 375 acres

Moving backward and forward at the same time. It’s a statement seemingly meant for a riddle — but in reality, it’s the philosophy of the New Urbanism movement. This movement has us looking back at the great cities of our past and reviving what made them work. Intimate scale, a village square, green space; these were the things that created such a strong sense of community throughout these towns. And by reintroducing them, New Urbanists hope to bring the same strengths into the present.

New Urbanism and a return to the traditional neighborhood are the motivation behind ACSW’S village plan for TerraBella. The vision is an answer to the promise of the North Shore that has been unfulfilled by the builders of suburbia. Public spaces mingled with homes, parks, and footpaths, all lined with front porches and gardens. It’s an accessible way of life that takes cars out of the equation and keeps them in back lanes and garages, and puts the charming Southern architecture front and center, just as it should be. And while it’s the architecture that initially catches the eye, it’s the idea of moving backward and forward that creates a better way of life for generations to come. By building a small village around a thriving town center and green space, Terra Bella fosters a sense of community long lost in modern times. It’s a way of life we’ve all been missing, only now we know where to find it.

Terra Bella includes over 140 acres of Nature Preserve that will remain pristine and untouched for the enjoyment of residents. Hiking in the woods, fishing and canoeing on the lake or in the creek, and the opportunity to enjoy nature is directly accessible.

Designed upon established and sound principles, TerraBella’s design not only creates a better place to live, it represents a better way to live. The village offers an attractive variety of housing types, a convenient network of well-connected streets, ample public spaces, civic buildings, and commercial amenities such as shops and restaurants… all within walking distance.