St. Thomas More
Catholic High School
Chapel Addition

When St. Thomas More Catholic High School contracted ACSW to design a new chapel, their goal was to create a spiritual centerpiece for their school’s campus that would nourish the entire community surrounding the school. The large and open chapel is intended to seat one full class of students so that they may share their faith experience as a campus community. Additionally, the new building also houses a new campus ministry room and an office that will both support the school in its ministry outreach.

The design reflects an admiration of traditional European Catholic churches. The designer’s interpretation is shown through wooden trusses in the main chapel space and curved iron mullions in the windows. The bell tower, another traditional feature, is a beacon for anyone passing by the campus. The walls and floor choices were kept clean and light, drawing all attention to the altar and relics placed throughout the space.

To add to the reverence of the space, lighting was taken into special consideration. The fixtures have a traditional design but are equipped with modern features that allow users to easily adjust lighting levels for specific moments such as adoration.