St. Genevieve Catholic School Cafeteria

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Size: 13,420 sf

St. Genevieve Catholic School is located adjacent to Teurlings Catholic High School. A piece of property between the two schools was purchased for the purpose of expanding St. Genevieve’s campus. Until this time, daily lunch, weekly mass, school performances and gathering functions were all hosted in the school’s gymnasium.

The middle school and elementary school campuses are split between two locations. This new cafeteria and classroom building is situated on a very tight portion of the site aimed at providing convenient access to both campuses. As part of this project 5th graders will join 6th, 7th and 8th graders on the middle school campus. Therefore, two additional classrooms were added as part of this scope.

Weekly mass will now be celebrated in a much more dignified manner via an elevated stage area with a vesting room back stage. The stage area, complete with theatrical lighting and sound system, also provide a great venue for the school’s theater program.

Adding to the success of the project, an agreement was reached between St. Genevieve and Teurlings to share the cafeteria portion of the new building.