SLCC Devalcourt Building

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Size: 83,316 sf

As the initial building in the Master Plan of the new campus for the South Louisiana Community College, the building is designed to be respectful of the surrounding neighborhood yet still convey the feeling of southern regional architecture. We achieved this through the use of sloped roofs and materials that are respectful of those present in the residential neighborhood.

ACSW teamed together with The Lemoine Company to complete this project using a fast-track delivery process. In addition to the fast-track delivery, the Design-Build process was also used and was somewhat new to the team. The coordination and cooperation demanded by these processes allowed the team to deliver the project on a greatly accelerated schedule and to still remain within budget.

ACSW not only maintained a full working relationship with the contractor but also worked directly with the user and owner to program the facility and develop the refinements that became so important in the ultimate finished product.