Sacred Heart of Jesus
Adoration Chapel

Location: Broussard, Louisiana
Size: 6,653 sf

Sacred Heart Parish has grown by leaps and bounds over the years from its beginnings as a country outpost church, to a thriving parish with thousands of families. This growing parish has first expanded its facilities in 2006 with the addition of new parish administrative spaces, a narthex for the church and a parish life center capable of hosting larger gatherings. ACSW Architects was approached with the challenge of adding more meeting space and conference rooms, as well as storage for the land restricted Parish. Most important in this building expansion program was the addition of a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Programmatic elements of this addition include meeting rooms of medium and small sizes to provide the Parish Life center with areas capable of hosting groups of various sizes and providing them with an appropriately size space. A kitchen was also relocating in the facility in order to allow all of the new and existing spaces to have equal use of this facility. On the second floor, a new conference room has been designed to hold Parish Council meetings and also there are storage areas that can, if need be, transformed into additional office space for the parish. The Eucharistic Chapel has been designed as a space that will allow one to meditate and pray in peace in the presence of the blessed sacrament. This space was designed only for this purpose and to give the parish a place of 24 hour adoration for many years to come.