Prather Pediatric Asthma Clinic

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Size: 3,560 sf

The client envisioned a clinic that had the “down home” look of his childhood to house his new asthma and allergy clinic. He was particularly inspired by the Briars House (1814) which was converted into a bed and breakfast in Natchez, Mississippi. He desired to have a facility that echoed the traditional vernacular of that time.

Programming allowed for the lobby to be surrounded by a continuous porch that overlooks lush landscaping. Children are invited to play outside behind a traditional white picket fence as if they were in their own backyard. Parents are able to watch over their children from the rocking chairs on the porch until their appointment.

Once inside, they are taken to an exam room, each with a large window overlooking the garden, thus giving the spaces a pleasant and inviting feel. Wood floors and crown molding add to the calming texture and soft color palettes ease the parents and children alike. As a final touch, the client has hung original artwork throughout the facility.