Olde Towne Daphne

Location: Daphne, Alabama

The City of Daphne, Alabama obtained a Transportation Planning Grant from the Eastern Shore MPO to be utilized for studies related to traffic, transportation, and mobility. With this grant, ACSW Architects and Hall Planning & Engineering were engaged to perform a transportation and urban analysis study focused on the Olde Towne area. The goal of this work effort is to evaluate the traffic, transportation, and mobility issues as it relates to the Main Street corridor and provide recommendations that can guide decision making and local investment.

ACSW Architects and Hall Planning & Engineering traveled to Daphne to perform an initial walking analysis of the Olde Towne area. During this time, the design team examined and documented the urban context, land use, traffic patterns, architectural character of the area, and traffic and mobility patterns for all modes of transportation. Current parking patterns and challenges were also taken into consideration during this analysis.

Following the initial visit, the design team returned to Daphne to hold a three-day workshop in the fall of 2018 with the mayor, staff, and community stakeholders. This workshop gathered local perspective on community character, opportunities, challenges, and possible goals as it relates to the urban environment and transportation issues in Olde Towne Daphne. It also allowed feedback from stakeholders that directly informed the strategies and recommendations outlined in this document.

The final report is the result of the on-site analysis and the stakeholder visioning workshop performed by ACSW Architects and Hall Planning & Engineering. The report seeks to address the concerns and goals identified by the community and city staff by outlining potential strategies and recommendations in key areas. These strategies, if implemented, will provide a more walkable, pedestrian friendly, and diverse environment that will enhance the quality of life and energize the business opportunities in the area. The ideas and principles expressed in this Visioning Report are intended to address specific concerns relating to Olde Towne Daphne. Although the concentration is on Olde Towne, many of the concepts and recommendations could easily be applied to the surrounding neighborhoods as well.

The report is intended to serve as baseline data for more detailed and comprehensive planning and visioning efforts that the city may address in the future. It is the hope that this initial study will serve as a catalyst in a wider city-led community planning effort.