Merchants and Farmers Bank

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Size: 6,233 sf

The client set out to make a statement with its first financial facility in the Lake Charles Market tailored to business clientele. The single story, pre-cast concrete clad structure will provide both an image of strength and an abundance of light and airiness. With the Owner wishing for a building that would glow at night and reveal openness during the day, we used the idiom of classical derivative design with ultra modern components and cutting edge detailing to fulfill the clients goals and needs to service the Lake Charles growing business community.  A primary goal was to offer meeting space to the community and is showcased as a prominent feature the building. While the facility will offer traditional services such as personal lobby transactions, drive-in services and vaulted safety depository, the latest banking technologies include enhanced video remote transaction units, remote business transaction units, multimedia and conferencing technology. The building structure is simple and elegant, with frameless interior glazing allowing both an enhanced visual spatial flow while allowing privacy for confidential transactions. The exterior is glazed with energy efficient curtain wall and translucent panel systems which allows the interior space to visually expand to the exterior landscape. State of the art HVAC management systems and electrical lighting and equipment are integral to providing a facility that is surprisingly economical in initial cost and future life cycle cost.