McNeese State University
Student Union

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Size: 73,000 sf

In the heart of the campus quad, through the tangled branches of the celebrated live oaks, lives the new Student Union for McNeese State University. By orienting the Union’s main facade towards the quad, it creates a pedestrian driven destination for anyone on campus to access. Beyond the Union is a mixed-use development to house commercial uses and student housing.

With the new Student Union encompassing and preserving the Memorial Gymnasium, it will blend historic McNeese with contemporary design. This compositional move helps the Union feel anchored within the historic campus, while bringing additional vibrancy to this significant area.

In conjunction with the McNeese State University Master Plan and Guiding Principles prepared by ACSW Architects, the McNeese State University New Student Union Building Program was established to provide guidance as the University seeks to meet the growing needs of the campus. Through the efforts of University administration, faculty, students, and Facilities and Planning, ACSW determined the needs of a new student union based on workshops and engagement with the various parties involved.

The goals of the building program are to establish the spatial needs associated with a new student union, budget, and a phasing/schedule to guide the project as the University takes the next step into the funding, design, and ultimately the construction of the project.