Lafayette Internal
Medicine Clinic

Location: Lafayette, LA
Size: 13,182 sf

The traditional scale and minimalistic design of the Lafayette Internal Medicine Clinic anchors the building in the heart of Lafayette’s medical community. Oriented on a corner lot, the clinic was designed around the patient experience. A large drop-off canopy welcomes patients to the facility and brings them to a large, bright Lobby. To complement the exterior design, the interior of the Lobby is sculpted to create a calming, home-like environment. The finishes, being both warm and classic, give the user a sense of familiarity and comfort.

The clinic is broken up into several “pods” to allow the physicians to have individualized spaces to cater to their patients. There are 26 exam rooms spread throughout the building and are accompanied by a centralized nurse station and consultation room. To enhance the physician’s and staff’s experience, a break room and conference room with contemporary and fresh finishes was situated next to an outdoor courtyard.