L. J. Alleman Middle School Cafeteria & Classroom Addition

L.J. Alleman Middle School was in need of a new cafeteria to be constructed to meet the needs of the growing school campus. The project includes the demolition of an existing concrete play area, construction of a new cafeteria with kitchen, a new walkway cover, a new air conditioning of the existing gymnasium, a new access drive with staff parking and a new concrete play area. As an Arts Academy school, special consideration was given to add a relatively large stage for in-house performances in the cafeteria. New additions to the school are also planned for construction in the near future. More training facilities are expected in Ardendale, which is sparking growth in the surrounding area. Ultimately, Ardendale will include housing, retail, offices and social services.

The East Baton Rouge Housing Authority won a $30 million HUD grant in 2019 to add housing and services to the Ardendale area. The Foundation started the project. Build Baton Rouge is now the developer, with staff support from the Foundation.