Hubbell Dermatology
& Aesthetics

Location: Lafayette, LA
Size: 7,833 sf

Located in The Village of River Ranch, Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics was designed to meet the demand for a high-end, “spa-like” dermatology experience in Acadiana. The building layout and functionality is based on four main components that include an entry/retail space, a central office core, aesthetic treatment rooms, and medical treatment rooms. Each component was designed to have its own visual identity, thus creating a unique experience not typically afforded in a generic medical office building.

Located in what is largely a “glass box,” the waiting and reception area is open to a retail space intended to be inviting to the public. At Hubbell Dermatology & Aesthetics, you will find aesthetic treatment rooms with stone counters, wood-like flooring, decorative glass, and custom doors among warm wood tones, lush carpets, and high-end finishes that are bound to bring a sense of comfort to the visitor. The medical treatment rooms were designed to be more modern in their finishes, offering a blended color scheme of cool greys and warm neutrals. The central office core was designed around the functional need to share support staff between the two treatment room areas. With a total of 14 treatment rooms, 4 medical procedure rooms, 4 individual restrooms, associated offices and break rooms, a glassed partition checkout area, and a unique lounge area (sub waiting) for patients, the ultimate success of the project has been to put the patient experience first in both the arrangement of spaces and ultimate design and construction of the tenant improvement and building shell.