Home Bank

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(two locations)

After much success designing a corporate office for the quickly expanding Home Bank, based in Lafayette, LA, ACSW Architects began designing prototype branches. Throughout the 1990’s, a contemporary style which echoed the traditional style of the main branch was built throughout the Acadiana region. In 2007, the decision was made to change the prototype to better reflect the traditional Home Bank style, defining it’s major presence in new markets throughout the state.

Similar to the corporate office, elements of the Beau Arts Building style were used. These new prototype locations also emphasized natural light throughout the lobby spaces while maintaining an intimacy throughout. The offices, workrooms, and conference are laid out around the perimeter of the lobby allowing efficient use of natural light throughout these spaces as well.

Each building is designed on a fixed interior furnishing budget successfully including framed artwork, wood blinds and drapery throughout the branch and new furniture throughout.