Century Tower

Location: Monroe, Louisiana

The five-story 106,000 sf office building was born out of a desire to bring a state-of-the-art contemporary office building to the new Century Village development located in Monroe, Louisiana. Situated on axis to the main entrance to the development the neo-traditional architecture, with its glass, brick, and stucco façade was specifically chosen to seamlessly blend in and anchor the growing traditional neighborhood that surrounds it. Its façade is punctuated with high-efficiency windows that keep the heat out while allowing its tenants to look out, as well as let the natural light in. No great office building can exist without great tenants, and this five-story icon is no exception. The high tech giant IBM, recognizing the strategic location and amenities the tower would offer, worked with ACSW to position themselves on the 4th and 5th floor, giving them premier suites offering the most expansive views while bringing to them the advanced communications network required to keep them at the cutting edge of technology. The ground floor holds restaurants, office space, and even a health club, but more importantly, the ground floor represents the place of human interaction and gives life to the building and the community. This is achieved by the surrounding ground floor plazas and walkable connectivity to future adjacent facilities, which not only defines the building but gives a “place” and “life” to the development.