Hospice of Acadiana Calcutta House

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Size: 9,066 sf
2021 Senior Housing News Awards, Hospice Winner

The design concept for Hospice of Acadiana’s project is to provide state-of-the-art care and healthcare-grade design and finishes while creating a calming and tranquil space. Named the Calcutta House for its residential feel and reference to Acadian architecture, this facility is equipped with 12 private patient suites, one physician/family consultation room, and one public family gathering room with a jointing full-size kitchen that opens out to a southern style front porch. Additionally, this facility includes a chapel overlooking a brick grotto and an exterior meditative butterfly garden with a fountain.

Hospice was designed so that every person could have dignity in death. The Calcutta House meets a critical need in Acadiana by providing a quiet, comfortable, and caring place for dying patients who are alone or who have nowhere else to go when they are at their most vulnerable. In response to the goals of Hospice of Acadiana and the reverence of those who will be occupying the space, it was diligently designed for maximum physical, visual, and emotional comfort. Each grouping of patient rooms features its own unique color scheme with focus given toward the individuality of each patient and family’s needs. Color and interest are given to the ceiling and fixtures in these spaces, keeping in mind the patient’s perspective of lying in a bed for most of their stay.