Matt Baker


As ACSW’s Civic & Commercial Studio Lead, Matt has an eye for detail and a focus on the accurate, efficient delivery of projects in varying types, sizes, and complexity.
Holding both a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master of Architecture from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Matt has nearly two decades of experience in the production and management of projects in types including commercial, religious, civic, governmental, industrial, educational, residential, sports, and Historic Preservation. In recent years Matt has focused on project management, facilities maintenance and planning, particularly in the government sector. This unique experience gives him an owner’s perspective on the long-term care and maintenance of new and existing facilities as well as in the planning, funding, and coordination of projects related to those facilities through various governmental mechanisms. With this experience, Matt is able to shepherd projects under his supervision to successful completion. When not in the office, Matt spends most of his spare time with his Wife and Son. He enjoys woodworking, camping, local music production, record collecting, a good pen, and travelling.

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