Léa Jouve,
Associate AIA


Originally from France, Lea received her Master of Architecture with honors from Saint Etienne University. She studied at UL for a year as part of an exchange program where she became fond of Louisiana culture and people. She then decided to permanently move to Lafayette in the spring of 2016 and has been practicing locally ever since. She is passionate about understanding new technologies and computer software and committed to ongoing professional development and maintenance of up-to-date best practices. Enthusiastic about healthcare design and the challenges it presents, she is especially interested in the opportunity for continuous growth and learning. From traveling around the world, she has a diversity of experiences and a deep desire to learn new skills, which both fuels and inspires her work. On a fun note, she can literally juggle and unicycle at the same time – so overseeing projects is always a welcome challenge.

  • lea@acswarchitects.com

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