Khoa Le,
Associate AIA


Khoa’s educational experience includes a Bachelor of Sciences in Architectural Studies degree in 2014 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and immediately stayed on the path to receive a Master of Architecture degree in 2016. As a designer, his primary roles are to carry projects from the early stages of schematic design into construction administration. Prior professional experience includes custom residential design throughout South Louisiana, historical renovations, and project renderings. During his graduate studies, Khoa got to explore how Architecture can be the bridge between different cultures. Coming from an immigrant family, he understands how Architecture can successfully be the bridge that adds to the built environment. Along with 9-5 grind, Khoa is also diligently studying towards getting his architecture licensure.

What sparked his passion to become an architect is his childhood memory of dad consistently attempting to be “the handyman” of various projects around the home. Needless to say, Khoa observed the dos and don’ts of the built environment. When he is not at the office, Khoa is passionate about hitting the pavement and burning some miles on the road through running and cycling. One of the major joys in life for Khoa is to peruse the aisles of health food grocery stores and find the latest and greatest products on the market.

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