Kerry Frey, AIA

Architect, Urban Planner

Kerry is an alumnus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture. Since joining ACSW in 2014, he has amassed a wealth of experience as an urban planner and has tackled a broad spectrum of projects, from modest micro-neighborhoods to expansive urban developments. At every phase of the design process, he has lent his expertise, taking part in charrettes, community engagement sessions, and implementation, thus demonstrating his commitment to cultivating a profound sense of place in our built environment.

When away from the studio, Kerry enjoys traveling to experience new cultures and learning how others live. Visiting other places serves as a great inspiration when undertaking new projects. He is also an avid backpacker; having recently spent two weeks in Patagonia.

  • kerry@acswarchitects.com

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