Gregory V. Damico, AIA

Managing Principal

In his over 20 years with ACSW Architects, Greg has worked as Lead Designer, Project Architect, and Project Manager through a variety of projects ranging from small clinics and offices to large student unions and churches. He works diligently with the planning studio on campus plans and urban developments to help assure that all of our work provides a sense of place and promotes community.

He has a thorough understanding of the latest BIM modeling and document trends which has allowed him to visualize and understand projects in a manner that allows the final product to be delivered on time and on budget, but also as something more than the sum of its parts. He and his team’s objective, on every project, is to ensure our clients’ needs are not only met but that the resulting environment fosters the best from every person that experiences it.

Greg has nurtured 3 main passions outside of architecture over the last 30 years; working on vintage cars, watercolor painting conceptual architecture, and hi-fidelity vinyl music playback. All of which help relax and help nurture his search for precision, creating, and focus.

  • greg@acswarchitects.com

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