Eric Crozier, AIA

Principal Architect

For Eric Crozier, there’s no such thing as an impossible deadline or an issue that can’t be worked out. As a principal of ACSW Architects, Eric’s primary role and expertise is in business development, marketing, and project management. This experience has encompassed a wide variety of projects ranging from multiple Parish civic buildings to large multi-facility master plans, office buildings, and banks to new K-12 Schools and Higher Education facilities – namely Southside High School and the new Russo Park at M.L. “Tigue” Moore Field. This diversity helps him produce a confident atmosphere of partnering which is conducive to creative design and problem-solving.

“Within the linear process of designing and building, there are a lot of little tornadoes, things that have to get resolved without derailing a project.”

Eric actually enjoys wrangling those tornadoes. “I like complexity,” he says.

When Eric gets the opportunity to have free time, he is actively involved with UL’s Athletic events, hunting and fishing with family and friends, and cheering on his daughter at all of her athletic games throughout the year.

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