Brant Patout, AIA


Brant has served the Acadiana area with 10 years of professional design experience and has been a licensed architect since 2017. He has worked with a wide variety of design production that ranges from construction documentation, construction administration, early predesign, and site master planning. He has worked on a blend of projects including educational, commercial, and healthcare.

As a project architect, he has used various visualization tools and media to show clients a clear and exciting design intent for their projects. By using BIM technology, he can provide design vision while also providing technical information of the building early in the process of design. He is also responsible for taking early ideas and concepts and carrying those ideas through construction documents and into the final construction. While focusing on the general trades of architecture, Brant also has a passion for regional architecture by using design as a tool for place-making and responding to its overall context.

When not working as an architect, you can find Brant riding his horse at a local rodeo, playing frisbee with his dog Missy, or watching a UL game.

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